Volume 3 : Issue 1, March 2014

Table of Contents, 30 Mar 2014

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PII: S238309801400001-3

Developing a Vendor Selection Model for Telecommunication Systems based on Fuzzy MADM approach

Original Research, C1

Nayebi M.A., Parsanezhad A., Parsanezhad M.R.

Sci. J. Mech. Ind. Eng., 3(1): 01-11, 2014

ABSTRACT: Today organizational environment has been complicated and in such environment importance of organizational communication are greater. One of strategies to better communication is telecommunication systems in the organization. Telecommunications systems have important role in each organization. Vendor selection of a telecommunications system is a multi-attribute decision making problem. Decision making in real world face with imprecise data and furthermore, because such decisions usually are based on the intellectual judgments of managers, to improve decision making must use fuzzy logic. In this paper, we used literature review and experts opinions for determining the model attributes and then developed a fuzzy TOPSIS model with combined weighs basis final weighs. In this model all numbers are fuzzy and triangular typically. A case study done in Qazvin Islamic Azad University to apply the developed model. Result of this decision mentioned that best systems are purchased.
Key Words: Telecommunications Systems (Central), Vendor selection, Fuzzy TOPSIS, Combined Weights.


PII: S238309801400002-3

Proposing a Mathematical Model for Layout in a Cellular Manufacturing System under Dynamic Conditions

Original Research, C2

Golmohammadi AM, Tavakkoli-Moghaddam R, Jolai F, Golmohammadi AH.

Sci. J. Mech. Ind. Eng., 3(1): 12-17, 2014

ABSTRACT: The fundamental function of Cellular manufacturing system (CMS) is based on definition and recognition of type of similarity among the parts that must be produced in a planning period. Cell formation (CF) and cell machine layout design are two major steps in implementation of CMS. So far there have been numerous researches concerning to examine various types of CMS and it can be said that existing models in this area mainly focus on CF and cell machine layout design and determining cell layout, except few studies, have not been considered so much. This paper represents a multiple objective model for CF and layout considering intra-cell layout and inter-cell layout, under the condition of existence of alternative process routings for the parts, and using simultaneous solution, set of Pareto answers has been proposed. In order to solve the model, Multi Objective Scatter Search (MOSS) has been proposed and its results have been compared with the obtained results of NSGA-II algorithm. Results comparison through considered criteria showed that generally function of MOSS is better.
Key words: Cellular Manufacturing System (CMS), Cell Formation (CF), Intra-Cell Layout, Inter-Cell Layout, Multi Objective Scatter Search (MOSS)